Batik Geluk Kids Golden Green

RM139.00 RM99.00


Our ‘Geluk’ collection is a blend of unique and premium batik shirts, expertly handcrafted by our master craftsmen in Terengganu on the eastcoast of Malaysia.

Each piece of batik has it’s own unique characteristics and no two pieces are the same.

The batik trade in Asia dates back hundreds of years, however in recent years handcrafted batik has seen a decline in demand with the increase of machines and mass production.

It’s our aim here at KALUKU to bring handcrafted batik back by creating beautiful, individual batik shirts at affordable prices.

We’ve designed our shirts to fit like it was tailored just for you.

Comfortable and breathable, batik stamped cotton with a semi slim fit. This shirt only gets softer and more comfortable over time.

Care instructions: Wash inside out with cold water and hang to dry.



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